• Self Défense : les points vitaux

    Auteur : Bruce Tegner

    [interdit] [arts martiaux] [sport]

    Un livre rare illustré sur la self-defense et plus précisément les points de pression pour savoir se défendre efficacement. Ce livre est proposé en anglais.

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Mots-clés :   combat  art martial  ju jitsu  ninja  selfdefense  

Quelques lignes extraites de ce pdf gratuit : & POINTS a to the most efficent use of weaponless using the least possible force. of self-defense actions are described most accurate way possible, taking into account of relative size, strength, health and knowledge of physiology and anatomy to this subject which long been much myth, superstition and legend. The "deadly" blows are evaluated. Fantasy fact are separated. body targets for practical self-defense are compared point targets used in and traditional martial and sport matches. the teacher and student of self-defense or any specialty of the martial arts this book be an important reference source. IS modern definition self-defense in order. One way of self-defense to explain it not it not vengeance; it not an it not a sporting event; it not a movie or television scene. preparation to minimize possibility of training to learn and use appropriate and physical actions there no practical available instruction the beginning a process of how to avoid becoming a victim. victims of assault are victims not because they lack capacity to win because they have been absolutely no preparation to cope this special of emergency. old-fashioned view self-defense instruction to reach a high level of skill has the eliminating those individuals who have the greatest need. precisely those people who are unable or unwilling to fierce fighting machines who benefit practical instruction to greatest degree. capabilities ought to bear some relationship to real-life People learning to defend themselves against ought not to be trained they were The concepts, techniques and appropriate training Samurai warriors are not appropriate teaching self-defense a practical today. legal and moral of self-defense expressly degree of force to the can be used avert, stop, or escape an intended assault. old-style self-defense, every assault viewed as a very assault. Real life There are degrees of BRUCE TEGNER Assault intentions range mildly threatening the intent to do great bodily More are mildly situations handled with assertive self-control, can be prevented escalating into physical violence. must be a range responses to correspond to range of possible situations [ . . . ]

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